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Nobby the Orca during his rescue at Papamoa Beach. The media estimated that more than 2,000 people came to cheer on Nobby during his stranding. Think of it this way – if everyone at the rescue of Nobby the orca (estimated by the media to be over 2,000 people) had donated $2 we would have enough funds to purchase 2,000 buckets, or two lifting mats. We could purchase 1,500 sacks (to fill with sand to support whales on the beach and help prevent them from drowning when the tide returns).  All this with just $2.

"97% of charitable donations go to humans, with the remaining 3% split half and half between pets and the rest of nature" *

* Turner, B. (2010). Pure nonsense. New Zealand Listener, 8 May, 30-31.