Bryde Whale stranded

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There are many ways you can help save whales and dolphins.  We appreciate all you can do to support Whale Rescue to support our Mission Statement: "Our specialized crew will respond to whales and dolphins in need of help, as quickly as possible and in a professional manner, whilst consulting with stakeholders".

The most effective method is to help with fund raising.  Small or large, all your donations DO make a difference.

See our section on making a pledge and fund raising ideas.  We've even prepared a pledge form for you so you can start immediately.

We want to assure all our supporters that we do not personally receive any money for our rescue work, nor for any of the work associated with running Whale Rescue.  We are a volunteer organisation, run by volunteers.  The money you donate goes to rescuing whales and dolphins and purchasing equipment for this task.


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Keep in mind that “97% of charitable donations go to humans, with the remaining 3% split half and half between pets and the rest of nature" *

Purchase a Virtual Gift

Purchase a Virtual Gift ››

Select from our range of Virtual Gifts that Whale Rescue needs in order to help whales and dolphins. We can make a difference, on your behalf and with your help.