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Any large whale inside the Whangarei Harbour could be cause for alarm, hence the immediate response from Dr Visser.  However, upon discovering that the whale was a Southern right whales and happily feeding, the Whale Rescue team settled down to watch the whale as it moved about the shallow waters.

Southern right whales are known to frequent bays, especially when they are mating and giving birth.  This whale was clearly feeding as evidenced by the large plumes of mud it stirred up with its mouth.  It was also very lively, breaching clear out of the water at one stage.  This was the first time a Southern right whale had been recorded inside the Whangarei Harbour and it's sighting made the local newspapers.

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Quick Facts

Name Southern right whale
Suborder Mysticeti
Family Balaenidae
Max. size - Female 17 m (55.77 ft)
Calf size 4-5 m (13-16.5 ft)
Max. weight - Female 80,000 kg
Food copepods, krill
Latin name Eubalaena australis
Location Whangarei Harbour
Latitude -35.80004
Longitude 174.45714
Number of Whales 1
Number rescued/saved 1
At this rescue

Dr. Ingrid N. Visser – Whale Rescue Co-Founder

Dr. Ingrid N. Visser – Whale Rescue Co-Founder

Ingrid has attended numerous mass and individual strandings.  She is experienced in sampling and data collection at these events, and in the use of refloatation Rescue Pontoons and other rescue equipment.  She has served on the Board and was a trainer for another stranding rescue group.


With special thanks to

To Ian and Noleen Budd of Whangarei who called Whale Rescue to alert them about the whale inside the harbour.

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